You Won't Have To Wait Long To Meet Tiny!

The Big Adventures of Tiny House is officially available on April 25, 2017, but you can reserve your copy NOW by pre-ordering it at Once Upon a Time Bookstore. We will also be reading and signing books there on April 29th in honor of Indie Bookstore Day. Come by at 11am and join the fun.  

We'll also be at the LA Times Festival of Books a few days early and will have copies to sell and sign so make sure
you stop by booth #521 and meet us (The Big Adventures of Tiny House and Flower Girl World.) So save the dates
and get ready for adventure!

Upcoming Events


4/22-23          LA TIMES FESTIVAL OF BOOKS (Booth#521)



4/24-28          LOCAL SCHOOL VISITS

4/29                ONCE UPON A TIME BOOKSTORE (Reading + Signing) 11am

5/1-5               LOCAL SCHOOL VISITS

Little House, Big Heart

The Big Adventures of Tiny House is a story about an old farmhouse that gets recycled into something new: TINY, a little house with a big heart – and WHEELS! 

Yes, Tiny may be small, but he lives a BIG life. With the help of Big Truck, he travels thousands of miles across America, seeing the sights and attending the Tiny House Jamboree (yes, that's a real thing - and it's AWESOME!). Along the way, he and Big Truck make lots of new friends -- like Shiny (an Airstream), Waverly (the houseboat) and Buster (a converted school bus). 

Come along and get to know Tiny as he explores the country and discovers the true meaning of home. 

Welcome to the Sun Kisses, Moon Hugs website. Here you will find information about our books, as well as ideas to help children “feel their feelings” and express themselves in positive ways. 

Creative expression has been a powerful source of emotional healing for us, and has brought hope and light back into our own lives after tough times. Music, dance and movement, visual arts, poetry, crafting and connecting with nature are all valuable and engaging ways to bring meaning into our lives, and make meaning out of circumstances that sometimes make no sense. When we feel grief, despair, loss, confusion, depression or sorrow - oftentimes we can feel better just through the process of making something with our hands, singing words from our heart, beating our pain out onto the skin of a drum, or sitting in a quiet woods or a rocky beach and reflecting on the cycles of life surrounding us.

We wrote these books and created this website for:

Sun Kisses Moon Hugs painting activity
  • Parents, Family, Caregivers and Friends seeking to console children who are in need of a little extra reassurance and love, for whatever reason -perhaps because they are grieving the death of a beloved person or a pet, being far away from a beloved grandparent, coping with their parents' divorce or a move, or dealing with separation anxiety as they start school or a parent goes back to work or takes a business trip. Sun Kisses, Moon Hugs is also a wonderfully soothing bedtime story for any child or grandchild!
  • Teachers and Librarians who are looking for books and activities to ease separation anxiety when school starts and help children develop social skills, EQ and emotional resilience. Everyone will experience loss and personal struggle at some point - it is the nature of being human. It is vitally important that our kids learn the vocabulary, social skills and emotional literacy to navigate dark times in their lives.
  • Therapists, Social Workers, Child Life specialists and Grief Counselors who work with children experiencing grief, loss, separation anxiety, natural disasters, abuse, addiction or trauma and are seeking resources and activities to connect with their young clients. 
  • Bereavement Counselors, Hospice Caregivers, Hospital Staff and others who are looking for a book to comfort a child facing the death of a parent, sibling, or other loved one.

Thank you for choosing to do this incredibly important work to heal and strengthen the hearts of families in our communities. We hope that our books and the activities featured here will bring comfort to you and the children in your life.

Life would bring changes, beginnings and ends,
but he had faith in himself and faith in his friends.
He understood now it was love that mattered.
Love could never be lost.  Love could never be shattered.

--from The Rhino Who Swallowed a Storm