"We Had Lots of Helpers, Just Like Rhino did."

Like the character Mica the Mouse in The Rhino Who Swallowed a Storm, we have been blessed with an abundance of "helpers" in our lives and during the creation of these books - helpers who have introduced us to great partners and strategies for coping with loss, grief and trauma.

We encourage you to look for the helpers in your own community - there are many wonderful counselors, grief centers and camps, Child Life specialists, social workers, expressive arts therapists, organizations and support groups dedicated to helping families heal.

If you feel your child or student would benefit from the expertise of a trained family or expressive arts therapist, we encourage you to seek a reference for someone in your area. Your pediatrician or school counselor might be able to guide you.

Here are some additional resources:

  • Linda Goldman is one of the grief experts we consulted when writing The Rhino Who Swallowed a Storm. She provided trauma therapy to children coping with 9/11. She has written numerous helpful books on the topic of supporting children through grief, loss and trauma. Her website has numerous helpful articles, including this list of tips to help a grieving child:  


  • The National Alliance for Grieving Children has lists of local support groups, grief camps, recommended reading, and other valuable resources for families: https://childrengrieve.org/

  • If you are a social worker or therapist who provides services to traumatized youth or families, and would like more information/training on how to use art as a healing tool, we wholeheartedly recommend contacting A Window Between Worldshttps://awbw.org/about-us/

Please check out our blog, too - we will be featuring different expressive arts therapists, healing creative projects and other advice during the coming months (please contact us if you have an idea for a guest post!).

As you "journey your journey", we hope and trust that you will encounter many wonderful helpers and compassionate friends.
...just like Rhino did.