The Big Adventures of Tiny House

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By Susan Schaefer Bernardo
Illustrated by Courtenay Fletcher

The Big Adventures of Tiny House is a story about an old farmhouse that gets recycled into something new: TINY, a little house with a big heart - and WHEELS! With the help of Big Truck and lots of friends they meet along the way, Tiny travels the country to discover the true meaning of home.

Hardcover: 32-page, 8.5x11
Publisher: Inner Flower Child Books (April 25, 2017) 
Age: 3+ years

After a small yellow farmhouse gets converted into a cozy mobile home, it sets off on a cross-country road trip. Polaroid-style “photos” highlight stops on the journey, including St. Louis and New Orleans. Bernardo (who previously collaborated with Fletcher on Sun Kisses, Moon Hugs) alludes to the family who have made Tiny House their new home (“Though they didn’t have room for all their old stuff,/ what they decided to keep was exactly enough”), but Fletcher keeps them offscreen, allowing readers to imagine themselves in the story. Hitched up to a vintage green truck, aka Big Truck, Tiny House encounters other types of residences, including a pompous mansion named Missy, who chides, “You can’t be a home/ if you don’t stay in one place”; an Airstream-style trailer; a houseboat; and a “skoolie” bus. Bernardo’s singsong verse sometimes stretches for its rhymes, but it still sets up a mood of adventure equally evident in Fletcher’s crisp, cheerful, and polished artwork. It’s a story that sings the praises of tiny living and the camaraderie of the open road. Ages 4–8.
— Publisher's Weekly
This is such a wonderful children’s story, it is a must-have for any child growing up today! It’s a fun and whimsical story of making your own path and being true to yourself! The illustrations are as beautiful as the moral.
— Macy Miller,
Perfect. It’s beautiful! I love the theme - it’s so lyrical and beautifully written and illustrated. It’s a new twist on “home is where the heart is.” It really speaks to children who have been uprooted and move around frequently. I love the idea of a simpler life without being burdened by possessions and finding joy wherever you land.
— Mrs. Jeanne, Principal, Enadia Tech Elementary
“The Big Adventures of Tiny House is a story of adventure and community, and most importantly a fresh take on the meaning of home. Susan and Courtenay beautifully capture the spirit of the tiny house movement— a pioneering lifestyle centered around meaningful experiences and friendships, and adorably charming to boot. This is sure to become a classic, beloved by tiny house enthusiasts of all ages!”
— Alexis Stephens, Tiny House Expedition