© Courtenay Fletcher from Sun Kisses, Moon Hugs

© Courtenay Fletcher from Sun Kisses, Moon Hugs

Love is Forever...

Sometimes the ones we love can’t be physically present with us, but we can still feel connected to them. That is the message of our picture book Sun Kisses, Moon Hugs

Here are a few simple and creative activities to do with a child who might be experiencing separation anxiety or missing someone they loved and lost. We hope they bring comfort and reassurance to you and your little ones.

Watercolor Resist Painting

We collaborated with A Window Between Worlds to design this Sun Kisses, Moon Hugs healing art activity to remind kids that they are forever connected to people they love. It has been used by hundreds of social workers and therapists to comfort children experiencing grief and separation anxiety.  You will need a copy of the book, plus watercolor paints, crayons/or oil pastels and watercolor paper.

Creative Snacks

Make storytime even more delicious with a yummy Sun Kisses, Moon Hugs-themed snack, perfect for even the youngest chef.   Round corn chips, cheese circles (a round cookie cutter makes this a snap) and orange slices all make a wonderful sun.  Carrot sticks or pretzels are perfect for sun rays and making Xs. Sprinkle some cereal Os for extra hugs! Nourish your child’s body and soul with one simple snack that you can easily make together.

Xs & Os Art Project

We worked with a kindergarten teacher to create a simple but colorful project that encouraged children to use art and words to help express the love they feel for someone they were missing. This project also makes a wonderful card for a child to give to a friend or family member to remind them of how much they are loved.


Finding Love on a Nature Walk

Did your little one enjoy looking for the hidden Xs, Os and hearts in Sun Kisses, Moon Hugs? Take a nature hike or explore your backyard for more signs of love, like heart-shaped leaves and rocks, twigs crossed into X shapes, and interesting cloud shapes. You might even use this opportunity to find a branch to use for the “Tree of Love” project featured on this site.

Tree of Love

Honor loved ones you miss by creating a simple “tree” (a branch displayed in a vase filled with sand is simple and beautiful) and ornaments.  Cut out simple shapes – hearts, circles, stars, squares, diamonds – and decorate with whatever supplies you have like paint, glitter, or crayon. Make a hole, thread a ribbon and voila. You can add new tags to the tree whenever you are feeling sad. Or create ornaments out of more durable weatherproof materials (ceramics, Shrinky-dinks, plastic or glass beads) and hang them on a living tree outdoors.

 © C. Fletcher • Sun Kisses, Moon Hugs

© C. Fletcher • Sun Kisses, Moon Hugs

Blow Kisses

Let the wind whisper I love you…with a pinwheel! We love these easy-to-make pinwheel templates. You can use one of their colorful designs, or decorate your own original pinwheel. Color both sides, or use one side to write the names of people you love and miss. Blow some kisses and watch the pinwheel spin!