Sun Kisses, Moon Hugs

By Susan Schaefer Bernardo
Illustrated by Courtenay Fletcher

Sun Kisses, Moon Hugs is a beautiful picture book with a simple but powerful message: love lasts forever.

Lyrical writing and delightful illustrations provide perfect bedtime reading for any child. The book is also ideal for supporting children through grief, separation anxiety, divorce, illness or other traumatic situations, by wrapping them in a warm and comforting emotional security blanket and opening a dialogue on the nature of love. Even when loved ones cannot be with us, we can feel their presence through our deep connections to the natural world.

Hardcover: 32-page, 9x12, full color illustrations
Published: November, 2012
ISBN: 978-0971122819

Age: 3+

Also available as a digital book app on Reading Rainbow's SKYBRARY!
Beautifully narrated, the pages invite your child to interact with the illustrations and story.


Sun Kisses, Moon Hugs is a well written and beautifully illustrated book. It underscores for young children that nature itself can be an intimate link in remembering love. I’m sure it will help many children. I am happy to include it as a resource in Life and Loss: A Guide to Help Grieving Children.
— Linda Goldman,
Sun Kisses, Moon Hugs is pure poetry and a visual feast for the eyes. The author and illustrator have taken a sad subject about separation and created a beautiful consoling book for children. It is written in dialogue, but is very lyrical and inspirational. It is the perfect book to use with children when they are dealing with separation from a parent because of deployment or job, loss, illness, divorce, and tragedy. The dialogue in the book gives kids the vocabulary to feel connected and to feel the presence of a loved one — and it’s all done through signs of nature. The illustrations are big, vibrant and breathtaking, and include children from all cultures. The book is simply beautiful!
— Patricia Tilton,
In this touching narrative, it is easy to see that a parent’s love is all around us, no matter where we are. Through delightful question and answer dialogue accompanied by vibrant, engaging illustrations, the authors capture the curiosity and fears of childhood with loving reassurances by a parent that “Hugs by moon, kisses by sun. I’ll always love you, Little One.” The intertwining of nature and storytelling is nicely done and adds to the feeling of love knowing no bounds. This book will easily become a bedtime favorite for children of any age and really should be a part of every home library. Beautifully done!
— Stacey A. May, MLIS, Children's Librarian
All I can say is WOW! The story is beautifully written and illustrated. I think the idea of finding love in something as constant as the natural world is brilliant. The story gives me goosebumps. This is a book that would be a perfect fit to read to my TK class at the beginning of the year, when kids are worried about spending the day away from their parents. I would also recommend the story to parents whose child is experiencing separation anxiety. It is a lovely book.
— Jessica Mustard, Transitional Kindergarten Teacher